Thursday’s blogroll, a text-only posting

It is ugly-cold, and I’m pampering the never-ending sniffles by staying inside today. Here’s some of what I’m checking out today, with a nod to my fellow bloggers:

• This chef enjoyed ant larvae tostadas in Mexico City.

• Could you not have spared me that?

• Opinions noted, don’t totally disagree. Funny site, might bookmark.

• Straight out of a seven sisters mag ©1979? The one about a splash of vinegar is new to me.

• A fictionalized patisserie chef falls in love with typography.

• Saw this on Saturday @ New York City Ballet. It’s pretty cool, and BKLYN-based!

• Can’t get enough of this typography.

• Ha Ha Ha.

• Life is a pretty photo shoot part one.

• Life is a pretty photo shoot part two.

• Around the world in 30 blocks (in Outer Brooklyn).

• Garlic, ginger, honey.

Was that feed a fever, starve a cold?

What’s on your blogroll?


  1. Hi Joy, Thanks for sharing the Cold and Flu Remedies from Food-ALoveStory. What a lovely warm hash of inspiration for a cold day. Hope it keeps you warm!


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