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Brooklyn Artisan ™: Formation of the Team Blog

Also known as brooklyn-artisan.net, Brooklyn Artisan is a team blog publishing on an every-few-daily basis. It is a publication from Qwerty Communications, Inc., 315 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11217, and is guided by a team of professional and veteran journalists, designers, and writers. The name Brooklyn Artisan is trademarked for our exclusive online use for education, entertainment, and journalistic purposes. All editorial material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States.

The editorial mission of Brooklyn Artisan is to write both for and about the creators of small and micro artisanal businesses.

The Brooklyn Artisan Brain Trust

Editor & Publisher:

  • Anne Mollegen Smith

Executive Editors:

  • Basia Hellwig (Food/Drink)
  • Joy Makon (Craft/Design)
  • Phil Scott (At Large)


  • Bruce A. Campbell
  • David Fay Smith

Guest bloggers: 

  • By invitation or special arrangement with Brooklyn Artisan 

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