Maker Faire Exploding (in the Good Sense)

Faire Marketing Director Bridgette Vanderlaan just gave Brooklyn Artisan the official attendance count: An astonishing 55,000 people visited World Maker Faire/New York in Queens last weekend, a stunning 57% growth over last year. With 650 vendors this time, the vitality of the event is clear. See Brooklyn Artisan Contributor Bruce Campbell’s reports,  Making Space for Makers in Brooklyn and Brooklyn Makes It…to Queens at World Maker Faire 2012. (Remember to come back – he has more good stuff to report.)

Also see Joanna Beltowska‘s report on the packed-auditorium talks by “Seth Godin, and Chris Anderson, both authors and entrepreneurs, the latter also editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine  and co-founder of robotic manufacturing company 3D Robotics,” she writes. “Anderson is accompanied by Bre Pettis , co-founder and CEO of MakerBot Industries; the two are giving a talk on how the Maker Movement, and 3-D printing in particular, might spark a new age of manufacturing in the US.” Provocative phrase of the day: “the democratization of creation.”


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