Still Chalk-Talking: Ahoy, More New Year Notes On Board

Couleur Cafe New Year's Board.ZuZu's Petals New Year's GreetingsBIG IS BOLD, BUT A CHALKBOARD DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EITHER; it certainly needn’t cover most of the wall or even the sidewalk easel’s surface to convey an eye-catching message: Look (left) at the charming sign peeking from behind the poinsettia leaves at ZuZu’s Petals window. The frame around the slate-like surface dresses it up nicely, and the Happy New Year’s Day message is friendly.

While Brooklyn Artisan is still hovering over New Year’s signs, check out the Couleur Café‘s New-Year’s-with-a-wink sign (above). A nice example of soft sell!Let's Celebrate Another Revolution.

The invocation outside the store Sterling Place on Seventh Avenue (right) gets our vote for double-take cleverness: “Let’s Celebrate Another Revolution Together,” it says, and with Emma Goldman‘s famous words in mind, we were about to start dancing in the street. But then we realized the board was showing the Big Blue Marble Earth in orbit around the Sun as a visual clue: No politics here, it’s about the passing of another year!

(Photographs from Brooklyn Artisan Photo Pool)

Coming Up Next: What a Brooklyn artisanal business round-up would hardly seem complete without at least one example of….

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  1. Anne Mollegen Smith,
    Your posts on slate blackboards have reawakened my longing for a blackboard of my own. Can you share any sources for real slate blackboards in the City? Thanks.
    Nathan Schachtman


    • Hello, Nathan Schachtman,
      I asked around among a few retailers and designers, and although several marble and stone cutting sources in Sunset Park would gladly custom-make one for you, the cost of that seemed high for what I gather is personal use. Then it occured to me to try, and there seems to be quite a wide choice there.

      My search link:

      Best wishes,
      Anne Mollegen Smith


    • Hello Nathan Schachtman, I asked some designers and contractors for sources, and learned that although some marble and stone cutters in Sunset Park gladly would do a custom job for you, it would be expensive. I didn’t come up with any retailers who sell slateboards to suit most homeowners’ budgets until I went to and searched slate chalkboards. There’s quite a range. I hope you can find what you want. Best wishes. Anne Mollegen Smith


      • Ms Smith,
        I eventually found a vendor of real slateboards on eBay for a reasonable price, but thanks for the suggestion, and sorry for the delay in acknowledging your kind help.

        Nathan Schachtman


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