Happy 2013 to Brooklyn Artisans (and Small Batch Producers Everywhere!)

To welcome 2013, some dazzle's the thing, so we added this bit of skeumorphic bling.

To welcome 2013, some dazzle’s the thing, so we added this bit of skeuomorphic bling.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all over the place,

Brooklyn artisans were producing at a furious pace.

The labels were ready, as nice as you please,

Santa’s sack stood open, for packing with ease.

Distribution was simple, down the chimney’s a breeze!

We thank the farm markets, the Smorg’ and the Fleas

For bringing us tasters of pickles and cheese,

And honor all sippers of egg creams and brews

Not to mention our local distillers’ own booze.

We  salute thee, St. Fedex and brave UPS,

Whose overnight services make us feel blessed,

And Avery Labels so our products look dressed!

With letter-press greetings and paperless mail,

Arduinos, 3D printers and the newest craft cocktail,

The New Year’s exciting, but first – time to rest!

Latest word: Brooklyn-artisan.net will be back in action January 3.


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