12 DAYS OF BROOKLYN: Diversity Is in Our Cultural DNA

Day Five  12 Views of Brooklyn

Peace Detail from a mural in Park Slope, boy and girl

dec10THE GREAT 20TH CENTURY ANTHROPOLOGIST DR. MARGARET MEAD observed in one of her magazine columns in the late 1960s that the only true citizens of a culture are the children born into it, not the adults who have created it. You have only to see a three year old with an iPad to get her point. The self-consciousness of the peace movement of the 60s, of affirmative action, of busing and political correctness have made a difference. Out of that tradition comes this panel of a larger mural. The little girl has a peace symbol on her shirt; the little boy’s shirt says, “Shalom. Salaam. Adios” – all of them versions of Peace and go with God. Society’s problems of racial and religious intolerance have not been solved, but they’ve certainly been  shrunk. The signature for the artist (s) for this multi-panel mural in Park Slope, on 8th Street and the corner of 6th Avenue, is not on the wall; the message is everything. (More from this mural in Who’s Who.)

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