Lighting the Night to Celebrate Hanukkah

Day Three  12 Views of Brooklyn
Photograph by Joy Makon; see Who's Who.

Photograph by Joy Makon; see Who’s Who.

dec8DATING FROM THE SECOND CENTURY BCE, the beautiful tradition of lighting candles in the eight arms of a special candelabrum calls for using the candle from the ninth position, the shamash (usually at the center), to light each of the others day by day . It is part of the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, which begins today. It commemorates the rededication of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple after a victory reclaiming the city from domination by the Maccabees. The spreading of light against the darkest time of year lifts spirits everywhere, and the intimacy of joining together to share a circle of light makes a powerful bond. This image was captured in Windsor Terrace in 2009, when all of Brooklyn was hushed and blanketed by a thick snowfall.

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