Call Me, Ishmael, Or Pls Txt Detls: Moby Marathon

OMG, starts 2day.

(From poster/Illustration and design by Bianca Stone and Paul Tunis)

THIS-FIRST-TIME-IN-NYC MARATHON READING of Herman Melville’s classic white-whale tale – a book, not a drink – has its multiple readers all lined up; walk-in listeners welcome. Starts tonight, Friday, Nov. 16, at Brooklyn Word (reception at 5 pm, reading at 6pm). Tomorrow the reading moves to Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (10am to 3 pm), returns to Brooklyn’s shores for the evening read at Molasses Books, back to Housing Works on Sunday, 10am to 4pm.

As a young boy living on Bleeker Street, Melville liked to go down to the battery to stare at the sea. What would he have thought – or written – about Superstorm Sandy?


  1. One of the funniest books of the 19th century. I hope they read it that way.


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