12 DAYS OF BROOKLYN: Our Glorious Garden

Day Two   12 Views of Brooklyn
Fall becomes winter at the Brooklyn Botanic. (Photo by Jake Miller. See Who's Who)

Photograph by Jake Miller; see Who’s Who 

dec7WHO COULD HELP READING THE BODY LANGUAGE of loss, longing or despair into the shape of this beautiful tree?  Like some tragic arboreal Lady of Shalott drifting toward her death: “God in his mercy lend her grace,” as Tennyson’s poem said. Or perhaps it is more like an aging and gnarled Narcissus gazing at his wavering reflection on the water – anyone’s poetic imagination might be stirred. Such intimate landscapes found among the Brooklyn Botanic Garden‘s long vistas make it a very personal place, though plant science, research and education are part of its mandate. Opening off Eastern Parkway in a corner of Prospect Park where Washington Avenue crosses behind the Brooklyn Museum, with its own stop on the 2/3 trains, the BBG covers more than 50 acres and receives nearly a million visits a year, as people come for the lively events or the cherry blossoms and water lilies or the many other gardens-within-the-Garden.

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