Feeding the Powerless: NYC Food Truck and JetBlue Roll Out

Throwndown sponsored by jetBlueTODAY, FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2, post-Sandy lower Manhattan will get a break – a breakfast, lunch or dinner break, that is – as an estimated 11,000 meals are given away at more than a dozen lower Manhattan locations, thanks to the combined forces of the New York Food Truck Association and JetBlue. (In a considerably lighter mood, the airline sponsored the recent Food Truck Throwdown in Boston.)

If you’re among the power-out citizens of lower Manhattan, look up the locations on New York Street Food. The list will be updated throughout the day. Or check them out via Eater’s handy but preliminary list.  Eater offers an interactive map.

Throwndown sponsored by jetBlueWhile we’re on this subject, the New York Food Truck Finder might be worth a bookmark for its day-in, day-out locator services.

For the very picky eater, though, the Zagat food truck finder, which promised to filter locations by two-dozen cuisines, is still in Beta. The two dozen listed under “cuisine” (but not activated) include not only Asian and Asian Fusion, European, Greek, Korean Barbecue, Moroccan, Turkish and Taiwanese, but also such international favorites as Soup, Ice Cream, Pizza, and Hamburgers.

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