The Cutest Little Library in All of Prospect Heights

Is it for the birds? Or the bees? No, it’s a super-small library.

WITH BROOKLYN LATELY ABUZZ ABOUT BEEKEEPING, at first I thought this was a hive mounted on a post. Then I read the signs and was charmed by the eensy-weensy library and its sweetly trusting, do-good spirit.

The books are freely available to any who wish to borrow them. No library card. No incriminating ink-bombs like a bank heist. The only strings attached are the obligation to return the books and, if possible, supplement them. Pay it forward.

These are clearly for children, to foster the pleasure of reading, but some believe this movement was sparked by the Occupy Wall Street free library. In any case, the Little Free Library is part of a well-launched national effort. Hundreds of the micro-lenders have been placed around the country, I’ve learned. And now I am resolved to feed the library and clean up my kids-book shelves, doing two good deeds at once. You can join me there, under the trees just outside 185 St. Marks Avenue.

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