Not Just Brain Food at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Brooklyn Book Festival “Bookends” on September 23, 2012, capping a week’s worth of more than 50 events all over the borough, was teeming with people in the beautiful weather on the plaza at Borough Hall. Borough President Marty Markowitz, a founder of the event in 2006, likes to say Brooklyn is “Book-lin,” and the BBF made a good case for it . Dozens of blue publishing vendor tents (above) lined the walkways while 104 panels on 12 stages accommodated 280 authors.

The literary events were free, not so the food. Branded food trucks and UHauls surrounded the plaza. Although the jawing outside probably didn’t match the panelists inside, bibliophiles made their choices from waffles and grill cheese, souvlaki and Carribbean corn, screme cones and many more.

Our local literati have not always been civil. Think of the late Norman Mailer, of Gore Vidal and Truman Capote. Browsing the food signs, one could conjure ghost voices: “Who’re you calling corn?!?” “Who’re you calling chicken!?!”  (See dialogue prompt at the right.)

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